What is CACHE Alumni?

Pre-Covid, while I was carrying out research for content to share with the sector in our regular newsletters, I came across CACHE Alumni.. it had lots of articles and interesting content so I signed up and started sharing .. But then as we all experienced the world changed overnight in March 2020 and with having to put Kinga on furlough and focus what energies I had after looking after my Clients, parts of EY Matters had to take a step backwards, there simply was not enough hours in the day!

Yes, we developed the Continual Online Conference, hosted BrewEdEYOnline and tried as much as we could to provide resources and news ....

Move forward to earlier this month and I received an email from CACHE informing me that they were updating their website, membership was still free, (which was great as I had to re-join again!) and not only did I discover the same great content, resources and articles as before ... but there is more, much more than before, or at least it seemed so to me, the site was so much easier to navigate!

So what is it? Why should I visit their website?
CACHE Alumni is primarily a CPD service and support community for those working in Care, Health and Education; it provides many services that a professional body might, like access to best practice information, independent advice and a range of benefits and training, their aim is to support the sector (practitioners, employers, employees, teachers, educators) and help them progress in their careers. Well of course it is a Professional Body, funded by the Educational Charity, NCFE, but it does not regulate the sector, it supports!

The Free Membership is open to everybody working in Care, Health and Education and their content is designed to be accessible to all, so whether you have a qualification or are still exploring and discovering your path to formal qualifications, CACHE Alumni can support you along the way,  helping you to take your next steps, providing unbiased 'gold standard' best practice content that they hope you will find helpful throughout your career, no matter what you role is.

Here is just some examples of what you can expect in this new Hub of Information!
Case Studies from Learners and Educators so you can see just how CACHE Alumni has helped them!
Career Information where you can find information about career progression and development and links to case studies and career guides
E-Learning with a range of modules to work through including Observation and Safeguarding on my last visit!
Skillzminer their revolutionary tool to help with your career
A regular round-up of Sector News ..
A host of articles 'covering topics from Additional Needs to Zoo and Farm Therapy!'

So, I am looking forward to regular visits to see the new content ... and of course sharing it via our newsletters with you!

And why am I bothered, I mean after all, in some ways, it is similar to what we are hoping to achieve?
Well, for me it is all about promoting reliable, regular sources of high quality information, resources, training etc. that will benefit those working in the Sector, and yes there is stuff that links with what I am hoping to achieve, but for all of those working in this amazing industry caring for our future generations in their most formative years, then is there ever really just one place to find it all?

Link: www.cachealumni.org.uk


This article is sponsored by CACHE Alumni by way of a donation to support the development of EY Matters.
Thoughts, comments and opinion are author’s own.

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