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17th October 2016

Agenda Items

  • Welcome
  • Reflections on ‘Unknown Children Destined for Disadvantage’ report
  • Update on new Ofsted Chair
  • Progress on Ofsted training inspectors
  • EYFS changes (nutrition)
  • British values review
  • Clarification on references (good practice / compliance)
  • Inspection for the 30 hours
  • Childminder agency update
  • Closing remarks

Item 1. Welcome

Mike Gartska :  Chair of LEYF and Bain Managing Partner welcomed attendees to the Ofsted Big Conversation. (OBC) He was particularly supportive of how and why we need to ensure positive working relationships with our Regulator and the enormous benefits from this.


Item 2. Reflections on Unknown Children Destined for Disadvantage’ Report

JOS commented how she was saddened that David Hoare was no longer Chair of Ofsted as he had been one of the few senior people who had passionately and publically drew attention to the plight of poor children and the importance of supporting families form the Early Years. Gill Jones said that like all good leaders he had left a legacy that would mean children from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds would remain high on the Ofsted agenda. This led to the lively discussion about the welcomed report on Unknown Children Destined for Disadvantage which was circulated with the last minutes. There was wide support for the report from all present but the following discussions/questions arose:

  • Who do we hold to account for children who don’t catch up with their peers?
  • How do we better articulate the role played by the sector to support parents?
  • Are the means and methods of supporting parents gain a better understanding of child development working?
  • What is the status of the promise from the Coalition Government to increase health visitors?
  • What are the implications for parents and the sector since the public health remit has shifted to Local Authorities?

Ofsted Action: To continue to monitor the impact of the EYPP through inspection and report clearly on issues such as difficulty in receipt of payment where there is enough evidence.

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