Press Release: Statement for Nursery World regarding NEyTCO

The following statement was provided to Nursery World re: NEyTCO for their article

The recent announcement from the National Early Years Trainers and Consultants Organisation (NEyTCO) that it is to fold has caused shock and consternation throughout the sector. There is reason for optimism though, as Juliette Davies works to ensure that all the hard work is not lost and that the phoenix of a new organisation can rise from NEyTCO’s ashes.

Anyone who wanted to join or renew membership with NEyTCO over the past month may well have found themselves on the receiving end of a deafening silence, with payments unprocessed and queries unanswered. NEyTCO’s famously efficient and cheerful administrator, Juliette Davies, was also unusually silent, something she later described as “the most difficult part” of what was happening. Individual concern spilled into group speculation as members of NEyTCO’s Facebook group reported problems with website access.

And then, on Monday 29th October, a statement landed in members’ inboxes from NEyTCO CEO Catriona Nason. This explained that due to a combination of circumstances – some business related, some personal – the organisation was to cease trading with immediate effect. As her statement noted, “We are now in a position where the company cannot meet its liabilities and I am unable to continue to support it. It was agreed that the best way forward is to place the company into liquidation and bring NEyTCO to a close as expediently as possible.”

This outcome has been a devastating blow to those in the sector who had put their shoulder to the wheel of the organisation in a bid to create a place where Early Years professionals could come together to share and exchange support and ideas. It’s been of particular disappointment for Catriona and is far from the vision she started with in 2014.

She nobly cites her own ill health as a “major factor” in NEyTCO’s demise, noting how it forced her to take a back seat and delegate – a position no CEO wants to be in. Sadly, by the time Juliette came on board in a bid to offer support the signs of trouble were already evident and despite valiant efforts NEyTCO in its current form could not be saved.

But, what’s left is a community. A thriving group of Early Years professionals who want to stay in touch and who want to support each other in the way that NEyTCO has shown can be done. Juliette has recognised this and her aim is now “to grow the networking, connecting and where possible collaboration, providing ‘the go to’ place to find reliable, quality services, training and events, to help the sector to work together to support each other and a place where all Early Years professionals can connect.”

Claiming that she “just cannot walk away”, Juliette’s new vision is EY Matters, a much looser entity than NEyTCO – with no membership structure – that offers an events diary, shop and directory, initially targeting former NEyTCO members before opening to a wider audience.

Catriona Nason recognises the passion and commitment that drives this new venture, signing off her initial statement with a plea that those who wish to see NEyTCO’s vision and ideals continue should offer Juliette Davies their support, “she is so willing to support you and as I’m sure you know she is brilliant and so very capable.”

It is Juliette’s vision that with her continued administrative support for the Ofsted Big Conversation, keeping the new website updated and responding to queries and questions, EY Matters can become a growing, organic entity that supports Early Years professionals to support each other in all corners of the UK.

Author: Kate Clark – Kate Clark Words


The website launched on Friday 2nd November. The directory, shop and events calendar are still being worked on but we hope to have them in place by Friday 16th November

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