Press Release: MovementWorks Action for Brockley Needs Your Support

A pioneering scientifically proved programme – MovementWorks Action for Brockley – needs your support.

Your vote could make all the difference to a local charity that helps children’s learning and overall well-being.

“Movement Works is a charity that uses scientifically proven methods to improve learning in children of all ages and abilities. We are thrilled that the Co-op Local Community Fund have chosen us as one of charities that Co-op shoppers can support”

“We need to raise vital funds so we can provide our proposed programme of classes for Brockley children, but it won’t cost shoppers a penny because every time someone buys Co-op own brand products, they get a five percent reward for themselves and a one percent reward for local causes such as MovementWorks Action for Brockley” she added. “The more we can raise means more classes and children we can reach”.  Ali Golding, Managing and Creative Director of MovementWorks .

To help MovementWorks….

go online to

if you are not a member and would like to support MovementWorks then you can join at your local store or online at

For further information

Here is the full Press Release as issued:

MovementWorks – Action for Brockley

To find out more about MovementWorks – please visit their website and you can also view their post regarding this Press Release

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