Pre-School Education Food Debate

The Shadow Minister for Transport, Tan Dhesi, has asked the Secretary for Education what recent assessments have been carried out on the nutritional value of meals provided to children in Early Years Settings. 

The Education Secretary, Claire Coutinho, was quick to respond to this question by providing a number of links to guidance and documents that put the ownership back on settings, it still remains somewhat unclear as to whether or not a recent assessment of the nutritional value of early years meals has been carried out.

The Education Secretary continually refers to the Education Framework and provides links to guidance and sample menus throughout her response to the question and claims that this guidance and the sample menus have been promoted to early years settings in a number of ways but provides no data on how and if this guidance is being used nor if there are further plans to carry out such an assessment on the nutritional value of meals provided within the sector.

Further updates on this as we have it. 

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