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We have lined up a range of Early Years Experts, Trainers, Consultants and Professionals to record presentations on a wide range of subjects especially for you!

We would like to say a special thank you to all of our speakers who have given their time in creating and recording these special presentations. 

April 2021: We have now set up the EY Matters Online Training and Resource Platform and we are in the process of transferring all of the Continual Online Conference Presentations. CPD certificates will be issued automatically on completion of the modules in the course and submission of an online Reflection/Quiz.

These presentations will still be FREE to access and you can place your order via our EY Matters Online Shop, where you will be able to enrol on the course; links for all of your courses will be retained on you EY Matters account so you can access them at your leisure.

Continual Online Conference - The Presentations

Aaron Web 250

Aaron Bradbury
Why do we need Professional Recognition in Early Years?

In his presentation, Aaron looks at the new Early Years Academy, what it is, what is the focus, what we hope the impact will be and why it is needed.

Gary Web 250

Gary Coffey
See Me! Hear Me!
A Voice for Every Child. 

This presentation focuses on children with PMLD (Profound & Multiple Learning Difficulties) and the methods of communication. 

Tanya Web 250

Dr Tanya Richardson
Speech & Language
Beyond the Classroom

Tanya provides an insight to her research looking at the impact of environments on children's speech and language

Philippa Web 250

Philippa Thompson
The Hidden Voice:
Parental Experience of
Child Anaphylaxis
in Early Childhood Education & Care

Philippa's presentation is based on her current PHD research on child anaphylaxis with which she also has personal experience.

Susan Taylor - Headshot

Susan Taylor
"Don't Take Your Foot Off the Gas"

Susan provides hints and tips on Safeguarding in the current situation and also looks at what you need to think about moving back into practice. 

Alison Featherbe - Online Conference

Alison Featherbe
SchemaPlay EVERY DAY

Alison, an accredited SchemaPlay Trainer, provides you an overview of SchemaPlay, why she finds it exciting and how it can be applied to Practice 

Sue - Website Image

Dr Sue Allingham
Supporting Transitions
Emotionally and Physically

Sue explores the Why, What and How of transitions in Early Childhood and how we can support children especially in these current times and moving forward

Online Conference Placeholder - Maureen

Maureen Hunt
Emotional Wellbeing:
Supporting Children

This evergreen presentation, although referring to the present day COVID-19 Pandemic, centres around supporting children's wellbeing.

Online Conference Placeholder - Cheryl

Cheryl Bedding
Enabling Environments

Cheryl explores the importance of an enabling environment, how we can specifically provide an emotionally safe environment, the impact if we don’t and how we need to remain open to new ways of working in this current climate includes developing our understanding of a trauma informed approach.

Online Conference Placeholder - Pam

Dr Pam Jarvis
Attachment: Cortisol and Care

Dr Pam Jarvis provides the background to her paper on 'Attachment theory, cortisol and care for the under-threes in the twenty-first century: constructing evidence-informed policy' which leaves us with more questions than answers; Pam references the work by Bowlby in this insightful presentation.

Online Conference Placeholder - Linda

Linda Baston Pitt
Supporting Health & Wellbeing

Linda looks at Wellbeing in the Workplace, which is never more needed than now; it is not just about keeping safe from the threat of COVID-19, leaders need to think about how to create the conditions where everyone’s Health and Wellbeing is a priority including their own!

Online Conference Placeholder - Tamsin

Tamsin Grimmer
Developing a Loving Pedagogy

Tamsin shares a few thoughts about developing a loving pedagogy in the early years, ahead of her new book with the same title; and by using the phrase a loving pedagogy she combines the caring aspects of our role and describe an approach to working with children that can underpin all aspects of our provision.

Early Childhood Theorists with Aaron and Debbie

Debbie & Aaron

Over a six week period, Aaron Bradbury and Debbie Garvey look at Early Childhood Theorists, their work, what can be learned from it and how it can be applied to practice.

Each inspiring and informative presentation is accompanied by a wealth of resources including downloadable PDF copies of their presentations. documents, links to useful film clips and other additional resources. 

Click on the button below to access the entire collection.

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#BrewEdEYOnline - The Presentations

We responded to the demand for further online CPD by hosting our first #BrewEdEYOnline on Saturday 16th May 2020 and with all spaces being booked within 2 hours of being released. we decided to record the sessions, along with the Q & A sessions to share more widely. We are committed to continuing to provide these online mini-conferences, and you can access the recordings from the links below the details of the each day.  For further information on up and coming #BrewEdEYOnline events. please visit our dedicated webpage. 

#BrewEdEYOnline 1 - Saturday 16th May 2020

BrewEdEY Online David

David Wright

BrewEdEY Online Sarah

Sarah Hardwell

BrewEdEY Online James

James Butler

BrewEdEY Online Helen

Dr Helen Simmons

BrewEdEY Online Bridgit

Bridgit Brown

Summary of Keynote Presentations

David Wright: The Role of the Adult: Back to Basics
In this extremely informative presentation, David brings us back to basics to our role as carers and adults for the children in our lives reminding us of our main responsibilities of care and education with emphasis on communication and interactions. He touches on the importance of building strong relationships with the children and explores meaningful conversations and how to 'tune-in' to children.

Sarah Hardwell: Parental engagement and Speech, Language and Communication
During her presentation, Sarah explores how speech, language and communication can improve social mobility through education and how this is can be embedded and encouraged in the Early Years; she also provides an insight on how she promotes this and communicates with parents to engage them and help them understand to further support their children.

James Butler: I'm All About the Base
James explores the Reception Baseline Assessment, due to be introduced in September for all children starting in Reception, what it may involve and what it will mean for the Early Years Sector.
Note: It was announced on 25th June that Baseline Assessment has been postponed until September 2021

Dr Helen Simmons: Surveillance of Modern Motherhood - Experiences of attending a Parenting Course
During her presentation, Helen shares her research which explores the experiences of mothers of children aged 0-3 years that have attended universal parenting courses. The aim of this research was to gain a deeper understanding of the factors that motivate mothers to attend a universal parenting course and to explore the wider experiences of early modern motherhood in the UK. This insightful keynote not only resonates with our own personal experiences, but is valuable in understanding the parents we work with.

Bridgit Brown: Staying Connected & Providing Continuity of Care Remotely – Our Plans for Moving Forward
Bridgit shares the effect that the COVID-19 Lockdown has had on the Pebbles Childcare business and how they have kept connected with their children via online meetings, providing activities for them to do at home and also keeping in close contact with the parents and families. Looking at moving forward, Bridgit reveals their plans for re-opening, from risk assessments to planning activities and how they will keep themselves, their children and families as safe as possible, always keeping a focus on the child at the centre and providing a safe, calm and yet stimulating environment.

#BrewEdEYOnline 2 - Saturday 13th June 2020

Eunice L

Dr Eunice Lumsden

Gary C

Gary Coffey

Aaron B

Aaron Bradbury

Debbie G

Debbie Garvey

Helen M

Helen Moylett

Summary of Keynote Presentations

Dr Eunice Lumsden: I Just Want To Talk About Children!
This presentation has the ‘voice’ of young children at the heart. It challenges us to think about the language we use that ‘others’ children, even before they are born. It questions the labels placed on children and asks us to hold a mirror to our professional selves to create a new reality for the next generation. It reinforces the importance of a holistic understanding of child development and how this underpins the importance of a high-quality early childhood workforce. It will draw on recent research into practitioners understanding of poverty and reinforce the importance of children and their families as being ‘Capable’ and that a strengths approach to all we do can really make a difference.

Gary Coffey: Making Makaton Magic in Your Setting
Communication is fundamental in ensuring that children can engage with the world around them. We all communicate in various ways and Makaton provides a multi-modal approach to support children and adults who may have a communication difficulty or disability. How we can use this language programme as an effective means of engagement for all? Let’s explore the magic of Makaton and how it can be applied in every setting, from 6 months of age and above.
(Accompanied by extensive links & hand-outs)

Aaron Bradbury: The Aspiring Practitioner in the Early Years
During this informative and inspiring presentation, Aaron looks the motivations of an Early Years Professional, Apprenticeships and how they need to be adopted to grow your own practice for a child centred focus and what is next. 

Debbie Garvey: Leading with Empathy, Support & Encouragement
An opportunity for reflection, and a chance to discuss, consider and explore the roles of staff within early childhood, and how we all, at times, take on the role of leader. Linking to Debbie’s research for her books and delving into how our neuroscience and early childhood knowledge and our skills and experience might be helpful in our roles supporting staff, leaders, managers and each other. 

Helen Moylett: Is This Health Crisis Becoming a Children’s Rights Crisis?
In the UK we live in a society where inequality of all kinds is deeply entrenched and has been worsened by the last ten years of austerity and we went into the health crisis in what has been called ‘a state of disastrous social fragility’. Against this backdrop the rights of many young children to be nurtured as well as educated are not being adequately protected. This talk will explore some of the issues around children’s voices not being heard, as well as share two case studies that represent the amazing work that early years practitioners are doing to support families. There are the seeds of something better for society in the collective action we have seen and we have to nurture those seeds to grow a better system for the future.

#BrewEdEYOnline 3 - Saturday 11th July 2020

Elaine - Web

Elaine Bennett

Sarah W - Web

Sarah Watkins

Sue - Template

Dr Sue Allingham

Julie - Web Image

Julie Kent

Summary of Keynote Presentations

Elaine Bennett: Climbing the stairs, Resisting the Lift: Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Year One
During this session Elaine explored how we can support children as they move into KS1 building on high quality EYs pedagogy. Putting play back into KS1 has always been the right thing to do - but now as children return to school after the pandemic, it is going to be essential! Also with the release of the revised EYFS, Elaine touches upon this and we have also included some further links around the associated campaign and petition.

Sarah Watkins: Ensuring the Best Outcomes for Traveller Children
An exploration of the barriers facing young children from Traveller families and some suggestions on how to improve outcomes for these children.

Dr Sue Allingham: Are You Sitting Comfortably? Physical Development and School Readiness
Being confident physically is a vital part of being confident in the environment. The impact of the reforms to the EYFS and its narrowed expectations could mean that this important area of child development is marginalised or overlooked. 

Julie Kent: Talking Two Year Olds: A Holistic Approach
This will be a practical reflection through the lens of social pedagogy, on the approaches and relationships which are formative to young children’s learning and development in the area of communication and language (C&L).

Our fifth speaker, Gill Jones HMI, was sadly taken ill and was not able to appear on the day, but has agreed to appear in our next #BrewEdEYOnline on Saturday 19th September 2020

#BrewEdEYOnline 4 - Saturday 5th December 2020

Soon to be released! The recordings of the Presentations from our 4th #BrewEdEYOnline.  

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