Ofsted Publish Report on PE In Schools

This week Ofsted have published a report looking at how Physical Education is taught in schools. 


PRESS RELEASEsource: https://www.afpe.org.uk/physical-education/ofsted-publish-report-looking-at-how-pe-is-being-taught-in-englands-schools/

Ofsted have published a report entitled ”Levelling the playing field: the physical education subject report”. The report  evaluates common features of PE in 25 primary schools and 25 secondary schools visited over a 7 month period between 2022/23.


 AfPE – the Association for Physical Education responded to the report and said; 

afPE welcomes the publication of the long-awaited Ofsted report: Levelling the playing field: the physical education subject report (September 2023).

We would encourage you to study this carefully and use it to reaffirm or modify your own practice. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be using this to develop our own recommendations and influence practice.

However, the importance of physical education is highlighted in the very first line of the report which states: “For many pupils, physical education (PE) will be the first and only place where they are taught safe, efficient and intelligent movement.”

The Main Findings section is a particularly important as the way it is presented shows that some schools are doing things well but there are many where work is still needed.

For example, primary schools are generally timetabling two hours of PE but only around half of secondary schools are doing likewise. In some secondary schools, activity areas outlined within the programmes of study are omitted, resulting in the ambition of the national curriculum not being matched.

A key message around the limited evaluation of swimming and water safety in primary schools comes through which adds weight to the evidence in Swim England’s Value of Swimming report.

You will also be able see that end points and assessment still remain issues for many schools as assessment is well designed in only ‘a small number of schools’.

The Association will work through this report and provide a fuller response when we have considered in detail the implications of the findings.”

afPE have also said that they will provide support and training to improve practice where it is required.

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