New Guidance for Scottish Early Years

The Scottish Early Years sector have seen not one, but three pieces of new guidance in recent months. 

Upstart Scotland reported that in May, they finally heard from the National Discussion on Education entitled ‘All Learners in Scotland Matter’  which reported ‘an overwhelming appetite for change’ to the education system but didn’t specifically highlight or conclude how that might look in practice.

Although the release of this report did initiate the Conservative education spokesman for Scotland to call for a debate on the formal school starting age.

In the same week, Audit Scotland reported on 1140 hours of funded early years and childcare, commenting that whilst the policy had been successful in essence, the sector is reportedly ‘fragile’ as a result of budget constraints and workforce issues.

The third and final report to emerge in what was a busy week for Scotland and their education system; was the the Ipsos report on the pilot scheme for funded deferral of four year olds that arose from the successful ‘Give Them Time’ campaign.

What will happen next for Scotland? No-one knows!

Keep checking back for further information and updates.

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