LEYF Partners with City Harvest


The London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) have recently launched an innovative new partnership with London charity City Harvest. 

The aim of the partnership is to reduce two of society’s biggest problems; food waste and education inequality. LEYF nurseries have been receiving fresh, surplus but high-quality ingredients that City Harvest have rescued from supermarkets and catering services.

The money LEYF are saving on food costs is then funnelled into the Doubling Down programme which gives the most disadvantaged children access to extra hours in nursery.

The partnership has been trialled at a handful of LEYF’s nurseries, but since the success of the programme, it will now be rolled out on a larger scale. The chefs at LEYF nurseries love the challenge of creating menus from the variety of ingredients provided by the City Harvest initiative and the children are enjoying trying new and exotic produce as a result.

The latest initiative and partnership is testament to LEYF’s ongoing history of community partnerships to improve the outcomes for all children.

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