Last chance to nominate a Famly Children’s Champion 2021

Family, the Early Years software company, are on the hunt for their next Children’s Champion of the UK and Ireland. The second year this is being awarded; prizes this year includes £5,000 to the practitioner and a year’s subscription to the Famly premium package for their setting. The deadline to get your nominations in is January 31st.

Saying ‘well done’ isn’t enough. We started Famly on the simple idea that we wanted to make the lives of Early Years educators easier, and now thanks to all of you, we’re able to go even further. Once again this year, we’re giving away £5,000 of our money to the winner, alongside a free Premium subscription to our software, as well as the generously donated prizes from our partners. We hope this can make a real difference, in the life of our next Children’s Champion, and demonstrate our commitment and gratitude to Early Years sector workers.” Anders Lauste, Famly CEO


First launched last year to celebrate the achievements and importance of the early years sector, especially through the struggles of 2020, Famly have decided it needs to happen again. Those of us within the sector already know how vital the first 5 years of life  and our work are and how this is, largely, not acknowledged and understood by the wider public.

Famly want to use  the Children’s Champion award to show the world all of the amazing work that goes into caring for children in their first five years- and how it impacts every year afterwards. One stated aim of the award is to show case, celebrate, and reward the incredible contribution made by those of us working in the sector directly with the children.

As Helena Meineck Children’s Champion 2020 (the first children’s champion) puts it:

The award is about finding that hidden gem, those people out there who work silently, who love their job, are dedicated, innovative, passionate, holding something together for their community. It’s about recognising them and the work they do.”



Who can be a children’s champion?

Anyone over 18 working directly with children in an Early Years setting in the United Kingdom or Ireland. The characteristics they are looking for is someone who:

  •  Puts knowing each individual child at the heart of what they do, and goes the extra mile to support them, connecting children and families to the help they need.
  •  Is reflective in their practice, and passionate about the Early Years and the childcare sector as a whole, as well as their setting and community.
  •  Is someone who inspires others to improve and is a supportive coach to colleagues and parents.
  •  Clearly and consistently goes above and beyond what would normally be expected in their role.

If you know someone like this because you work them or the care for your child then please do nominate them using the website link.

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