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We have introduced several initiatives in support of the Early Years sector during this extraordinary time in the hope that it will provide positive messages and also help to lighten the mood for all of those within the Sector who are either working directly caring for the Key Worker children, the managers and nursery owners, those staying at home due to being 'furloughed' those who are self-isolating and all of the other Early Years Professionals, Trainers, Consultants, Childminders and Nannies who have been so greatly affected by this current situation and uncertainty within the sector. 

Here is a list of what we have organised and introduced so far: 

  • Early Years Buddy Scheme: This was initially introduced for those working in the sector to provide them with someone or a group that they could connect with, by social media, email, online video meetings and telephone calls. The rationale behind this was to create a community of support for those who needed it, so that 'everyone' had someone to talk to, so they could share worries, concerns, ask for help and also share their successes and celebrations. It has since been expanded to include parents / carers / NHS staff, the emergency services and particularly officers of the Metropolitan Police following a message from Chief Inspector Jack Rowlands who requested some 'good people' outside of the job to listen and be there for his officers.  To join the scheme is easy, you just complete the form on the dedicated webpage and the updated list is circulated a couple of times a week.; there is also a Facebook Group set up specifically for those signing up for this scheme.
  • EY Superheroes: This was initially launched as a Social Media campaign for all Early Childhood professionals to nominate their heroes and this was then shared via the relevant channels with an online badge and a 'Thank You'. This has evolved into certificates and badges, plus the EY Superhero Hall of Fame (which is to be launched shortly) with the details of the nominees. To nominate someone, you just complete the form on the dedicated webpage and we will do the rest. To be clear, this scheme is not limited to those working in the various provisions caring for vulnerable children and children of the Key Workers, but is for anyone within the Early Childhood sector
  • EY Provider Zoom Calls: These were set up to share information between different Providers and in the 'early days' of the coronavirus pandemic, they were happening a couple of times a week; now things are more settled they are less frequent, but they are still organised to share information and support.
  • EY Sector Zoom Meetings: These are held at 2pm on a Saturday and are open to all involved within the Sector; they are a chance to catch up, share information and thoughts and keep connected with others. If you would like to get involved, please email: for the weekly registration link.
  • EYSelfie: We are asking for anyone involved in the Sector to send in a 'Selfie' with their details / a short message and we will start to create and distribute these as films via various mediums in order to bring a smile to faces!


These will be held via Zoom and then each individual or team submit their answers by email for marking.. First date to be launched soon, so once again, please email to register your interest and your team.

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