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As part of our ongoing In Conversation with … series, I have a chat with Sarah Watkins, Nursery Teacher and Writer to find out how the COVID-19 Lockdown has been for her, how she looked after her wellbeing, cared for her family and colleagues and also coming up to date, how she has found it since the wider re-opening of Childcare Provisions and Schools as she is now back in work. 

During our conversation, Sarah shares her joy at being back with some of her children and also the how they are coping with the Social Distancing and other measures that have been put into place for the protection of the staff and children. She also discusses the activities that she undertakes and also those she can’t and how she is still supporting children who have not returned to school plus thinking about how things might look if all children return to school in September.

About Sarah

Sarah is a Reception teacher in a school on the Welsh borders. Sarah has taught every primary year group and was previously Head of School. Sarah regularly blogs and writes for publications such as Teach Early Years. Before teaching, Sarah worked for The Rural Media Company, an award-winning charity working with communities, schools, groups and individuals to create issue-driven films, heritage and digital arts projects that raise awareness and influence change. Traveller Times, a magazine by and for Travellers, is produced by Rural Media.

Sarah has written an article for EY Matters ‘Individualised Support – It’s What We Do!‘ as part of our COVID-19 Resources where she looks at what it is like not having children in school and how she found ways to connect with the children she teaches during the lockdown. 

You can also see more of Sarah as she is delivering a Keynote on ‘Ensuring the Best Outcomes for Traveller Children’ for our #BrewEdEYOnline 3, (scheduled for 11th July 2020)

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