Government funds Free Level 3 qualifications for over-24s

The offer of the free qualifications, including the Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator), is available to take up from today (1 April), for any adult aged 24 and over who has not already achieved a qualification at Level 3, which is equivalent to A-levels.

All students wishing to take up this funded offer for a Level 3 qualification must have started it by 31 July 2021, in order to qualify for the free training place. It is backed by £95 million in Government funding during 2021/22.

The Government said the roll out marks a major milestone in the delivery of the landmark Lifetime Skills Guarantee announced by the Prime Minister in September 2020.

The Guarantee aims to transform the skills system so everyone, no matter where they live or their background, can gain the skills they need to progress in work at any stage of their lives. It will also ensure employers have access to the skilled workforce they need, and more people are trained for the skills gaps that exist now, and in the future, ministers said.

In an attempt to ensure that unemployed people can take full advantage of these courses, the Government will pilot an extension to the length of time they can receive Universal Credit while undertaking work-focused study.

Those undertaking the courses will now be able to train full time for up to 12 weeks, or up to 16 weeks on a full-time skills bootcamp in England, while receiving Universal Credit to support their living costs.
This aims to allow access to more training options and provide a better chance of finding work, while continuing to receive the support they need.

Source Nursery World

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