What the Delegates had to say ....

Excellent line up of speakers each one complimenting the next. Very inspiring and thought provoking.

Well organised & chaired

Jamal – Ditch the Power Point & focus on children 😊

Enjoyed the information given on transition and how it is a `process` 

Action Amanda had lots of good ideas, really enjoyed her workshop, wish it was longer! 😊

Loved the physical activities, helped to keep me alert and focused.

Loved Sue Allingham, Kerry Payne & Sonia Mainstone.

The venue was beautiful and I didn't have any issue with seeing the slides. The only thing was it might have been better if the speakers had used microphones as some were softly spoken.

Overall I found the conference very useful and hope to come back again another time!

They were all really good and would`ve liked to have heard more!

Kerry Payne was amazing! Energetic, clearly loves what she does! Made me proud to be a care giver who wants to care & love for the children, see & look after. Thank you for being an energetic spokesperson for the Early Years !

Reaffirming that what we do in our setting is up to date & relevant.

I enjoyed the keynotes best - in particular, Kerry's and Sonia's - probably because they both fit so well into things I'm thinking about/researching at the moment. Also the opportunities for networking were very useful. 

Thank you for organising a really worthwhile and interesting conference. I hope it is the first of many other successful days.

The best part of the day for me was the opportunity to join with like- minded people, discuss and share good practice & learn more about promoting wellbeing.

I found all of the speakers interesting to listen to, there was an excellent variety across the topics, and all were relevant and informative. Each presenter spoke with infectious passion and enthusiasm about their work.

It was good to learn about the OFSTED Big Conversation and to be introduced to SSTEW scales. I have also been inspired to venture into the world of Twitter in order to access more from you guys.

The conference magazine was a fab way to share information and interesting reading for during the day and after the event. 

I feel there was very little room for improvement, possibly the chance for a further 10-15 minutes for the speakers, unfortunately final slides and points became a little rushed at the end of presentations

Thank you to everyone involved, it was an absolute pleasure to attend. Hopefully this will be the first of many!

I would rate my overall experience of the day a 10/10

The best part of the day for me was the afternoon due to the speakers - Kerry and Alison's presentations were fantastic.

The best part of the day for me was focussing on wellbeing of children, families and practitioners is key to so many things and nurseries can no longer ignore this. You put this very much onto the agenda with useful ideas and things to consider in practice. I will be putting it on my agenda in my advisory work with PVI settings.

The speakers were all great - but for me the most useful were, Linda Baston-Pitt, Sue Allingham, Jamel Campbell (who needs to keep getting his voice out there!)

Please keep going with providing good quality, affordable conferences. Selfishly, it would also be good to have a Conference closer to home in Guildford, however, having attended on Saturday, I am willing to put in the miles for the quality and price.

I loved the conference magazine - it was excellent and inspiring! 

Thank you so much Juls. The event was amazing. Well organised and well structured. You are a star.

Everything was so well organised and thoughtful, I loved the magazine and would definitely be up for more, the speakers were brilliant and I came away feeling inspired! The conference bags were excellent, loved that the treats were vegan and also the thoughtfulness of including an umbrella in case it was raining when moving to the workshops. 

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