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This is your chance to say 'Thank You' to your EY Superhero!

This is your chance to nominate someone within the Early Childhood Sector who you feel needs some recognition for all that they do; it could be that they inspire and motivate you and others, they could be the person who is always there to listen and give advice, giving freely of their time, or perhaps it is someone that is working in a Childcare provision during this extraordinary times and is just 'getting on with the job'. The reason for the award is up to you!

All you need to do is complete the form below, providing us with the name, contact details
and a photo (if you have one) and we will do the rest! 

We will send them out their award in the post and email them to let them know that you have nominated them
plus add them into the EY Superhero Hall of Fame

If you wish to nominate more than one person, please email: [email protected] with their details
and the reason for their nomination and we will process these separately. 

Early Childhood Superhero

  • Please provide your name
  • Please provide your email address
  • Please provide your contact telephone number in case of any queries
  • Please ensure that you have the correct spelling of their name for their certificate
  • Please provide their contact email address
  • Please provide details of their job / role within Early Childhood
  • Please provide the details of their organisation / provision / setting. If they are independent / self-employed, please enter the name of their business
  • Please provide a brief description of why you are nominating them for an Early Childhood Superhero award.
  • If you have an photograph of your nominee, please can you upload it here so we can include it with the entry in our Early Childhood Hall of Fame.
  • Please provide the postal address so we can send their award to them.
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