EY Matters Campaign: COVID-19 Support for Early Years

Please see, below, our  Open Letter to Schools Minister, Nick Gibb and Children and Families Minister, Vicky Ford calling for support for the Early Years during these challenging times with the COVID-19 Corona Virus

We need you to show your support and you can do this in a number of ways:

  • Sign our petition: Change.org/EYMatters-COVID19Crisis  – We need 100,000 signatures!   
  • Show your support here on the website by making a comment below
  • Reply to our Twitter posts linking to this letter with #EYMattersCOVID19Crisis (we will record your tweets and save them in the transcripts)
  • Comment on our Facebook page, where we will also have a link to this letter

1 thought on “EY Matters Campaign: COVID-19 Support for Early Years”

  1. Support for Early Years children, their settings and their staff is needed urgently.
    These stakeholders are extremely vulnerable to serious illness, business collapse and loss of income.

    We play a crucial part in the economy of this country but we are left on the verge of total collapse.

    Address these problems now. Ensure that systems are sufficient to provide support, ensure preventative equipment is provided now. Protect the children and the work force.

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