What’s Beneath the Behaviour? Reconsidering our Responses

  • Paint Pots House
  • January 16, 2023
  • Monday, 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM
  • Ali McClure Education and Parenting
  • 07816 408 181

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What’s Beneath the Behaviour? Reconsidering our Responses

1 Spring Crescent Portswood Southampton, Hampshire SO17 2FZ

Monday, 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM
January 16, 2023


Ali McClure Education and Parenting

07816 408 181



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What’s Beneath the Behaviour? Reconsidering our Responses

1 Spring Crescent Portswood Southampton, Hampshire SO17 2FZ

Monday, 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM
January 16, 2023



The EYFS Reforms, the demands of the curriculum and the impact of the pandemic mean that children’s behaviour and self-regulation are high on our agenda, especially for those children who struggle or have additional needs.

Building Brilliant Behaviour is a long and ongoing journey- what lies beneath it is the key to supporting and responding to every child in ways that work. This lively, interactive and thought- provoking training led with Ali McClure’s insight and inimitable style, will equip you with simple, supportive and sustainable strategies to put in place in your particular context.

This training will challenge your choices drawing on a deeper understanding of what lies beneath the behaviour and what each of us can do to promote positive interactions and wellbeing.

This Full Day Training Course:
– Considers what self-regulation looks likes, when to support by stepping in and when to step back
– Dives deep into the roots of learning and how these inform our reflection and responses our environment and support
– Explores supportive sustainable strategies enabling you to anticipate, respond and support when behaviour becomes challenging
– Reconfirms the importance of emotional connection and strong relationships to create a context where every child can thrive

Expected Outcomes:
– A cohesive, reflective approach to build consistency, challenging choices and empower every adult in your team
– Supportive sustainable strategies ready to use tomorrow, but based on sound evidence to work in the long term
– A depth of understanding of the roots which underpin learning, behaviour and wellbeing for every child
– Reconsidering our responses – reflecting on the reasons for our choices and their impact and implications for all

Join Ali for this in-person, informative and inspiring day
on Monday 16th January 2023
at: Paint Pots, Portswood, Southampton

Limited Places Available!

Booking and Fees
Full Price: £120 per person / Early Bird Rate: £90 per person (available until 30th Nov) Booking is via Ali McClure’s Website / Book Training

About Ali McClure
Ali has a wealth of personal and professional experience of supporting schools, settings and families. Her distinctive style and unforgettable training empower you to bring out the best in every child.

She specialises in Early Years and in Primary with a passion for bringing out the best in every child, including those with additional needs. With a focus on empowering educators to empower children, whether through Supporting Self-Regulation, Limitless Learning or The Early Years’ Exploration Station-Curating Continuous Provision and the Classroom, Ali’s work is current and cutting edge. Her first book ‘Making it Better for Boys’ has changed the chances for many children.

Her Building Brilliant Behaviour Masterclass is reaching a global audience, and her latest book ‘FingerTips- Know it Grow It Show it -The Language of Learning -for Life’ is due to be published in 2023.

Ali’s valued work in teacher training, as a SENCo and supporting schools and settings means she is regularly at the chalk face; she knows the challenges you are facing and how to help you overcome them. With her FingerTips – Raising Reflective Learners work recently recognised by the Centre for International Research in Learning at Eton College, Ali has spoken for Ofsted, Early Years Alliance and I.A.P.S. to name but a few. Her success in raising standards and helping those children who have struggled to break through barriers to learning makes her work realistic and relevant, helping you to balance the demands of the curriculum and the needs of each unique learner whilst still cherishing childhood and emotional wellbeing

In her spare time Ali loves walking her dogs, writing , cooking for friends and family , and singing in pantomime, but not all at once!

Find out more about Ali in our Early Years Directory

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