Supporting those who Struggle with Self-Regulation

  • Community Playthings Robertsbridge, East Sussex. TN32 5DR
  • September 22, 2023
  • Friday, 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM
  • Ali McClure Education and Parenting
  • 07816 408 181

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Supporting those who Struggle with Self-Regulation

Robertsbridge, East Sussex. TN32 5DR

Friday, 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM
September 22, 2023


Ali McClure Education and Parenting

07816 408 181

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Supporting those who Struggle with Self-Regulation

Robertsbridge, East Sussex. TN32 5DR

Friday, 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM
September 22, 2023

Ali McClure Ev. Main Image - Self Regulation

The profile of self-regulation in the EYFS and of behaviour in the primary curriculum, along with the legacy of lockdown mean that self-regulation is high on our agenda, especially for those who struggle or have additional needs and SEND.

Self-regulation is not a box to tick but a journey- and a long one at that. Supporting those who struggle with self-regulation takes time, patience and wisdom. Their behaviour is simply how they show, what it is they need to grow and this lively, interactive and thought-provoking training led with Ali McClure’s insight and inimitable style, will equip you with the skills to see beneath the surface to be able to support the child who finds it difficult to start, tricky to stop or simply is at the beginning of their journey towards self-regulation.

This training will take you to uncomfortable places. It will help you challenge your choices and those of the adults around you planning support structure and intervention for that particular child, at the particular time it matters most.

This Full Day Training Course:

  • Studies the science behind why children behave as they do and what we can do to understand, support and anticipate their needs
  • Challenges our choices, in how and when we support, step in or step back in joining each child on their journey to self-regulation
  • Considers what self-regulation looks likes, when to support by stepping in and when to step back
  • Dives deep into the roots of learning and how these inform our reflection and responses our environment and support
  • Explores supportive sustainable strategies enabling you to anticipate, respond and support when behaviour becomes challenging
  • Reconfirms the importance of emotional connection and strong relationships to create a context where every child can thrive

Expected Outcomes

  • Understanding of the science behind the strategies, what self-regulation really means and how to challenge and strengthen your practice and provision
  • A rethinking of our responses using skills to analyse which children need which kind of support and how to make this happen
  • Practical Solutions to put in place but are also supportive and sustainable- working for every child and growing with them
  • Tools to dive deeper and offer strategies to support emotional, social and cognitive self- regulation
  • Ways to motivate and help children move forward without reliance on rewards with consistency across your team

Join Ali for this in-person, informative and inspiring day
on Friday 22nd September 2023
at: Community Playthings. Robertsbridge, East Sussex

What's Included in the Fee?

  • Lunch & Refreshments
  • Tour of the Community Playthings Factory
  • Key Slides from the Presentation
  • Additional Supportive Hand-outs

Booking and Fees
Full price: £90 per delegate
Early Bird price: £75 per delegate (until Saturday 9th September 2023)
Discounts for group / multiple bookings are available
You can book your place from Ali's website

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