Step Away from the Screen! OAP without the iPad: 2

  • Zoom Online
  • June 20, 2023
  • Tuesday, 3.30 PM to 5.30 PM
  • Acheiving for Children

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Step Away from the Screen! OAP without the iPad: 2

Zoom Online

Tuesday, 3.30 PM to 5.30 PM
June 20, 2023


Ali McClure Education and Parenting

07816 408 181

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Step Away from the Screen! OAP without the iPad: 2

Zoom Online

Tuesday, 3.30 PM to 5.30 PM
June 20, 2023



In Early Years we have grown a culture of taking a photo of every move a baby or small child makes. Pictures are an important record of progress, but screens sometimes stop us from being in the moment.

STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREEN! gives you the confidence to observe and assess effectively, to have the right conversations, to know when to watch, and watch wisely. To ask the right questions, either of the child- if they are older, or of yourself and your colleagues. I wonder if, I wonder how, I wonder why?

This two-part, interactive zoom training will provide you with a simple yet subtle tool. It is flexible to match your needs, easy to remember and always at your FingerTIps, freeing you to be in the moment with the child. It will empower you to make every moment matter by knowing what that child needs, to help them to grow, to develop and to succeed.

Our interactions with the children are such an important part of their learning, as is knowing when to step back and watch. But we need to watch wisely- with an underlying understanding of what is fuelling or holding back their learning and development.

Effective observation and assessment needs to be a tool to support this. We are no longer expected to produce portfolios of photos or reams of recording; the skills to assess in the moment and do so effectively and with an underlying understanding are now our most valuable tool.

This two-part course gives you a simple tool to start with straight away – with babies and young children; diving deeper to find out what is needed to support them right now. Followed up two weeks later, this format encourages delegates to put their learning into action and come back with questions, successes and suggestions as to how to progress this further. It gives delegates. confidence and a consistency of approach which is flexible enough to meet the needs of every child in every kind of setting.

Delivered by zoom – you are encouraged to take an active part in both two-hour sessions. This format helps delegates to share experiences with each other and see just what a difference this simple but subtle strategy makes; how the flexibility of the formula makes such an impact through our provision for, interactions and interventions with young children.

Some specifics of the sessions are:
– Physical development and the stages of physical development in young children
– The context of the child- home support, emotional and social needs
– Supporting early language development and broadening vocabulary
– Working with children who do not yet have spoken language
– Early identification of potential additional needs
– Creating a consistent context in your setting and the impact and implications of this for every child

You will leave with a depth of understanding of:
– How to observe, assess, question and plan for children without being stuck to a screen
– Early identification of additional needs- using your observations to inform the Assess Plan Do Review cycle if there are any gaps in learning or development
– How to begin to meet the current developmental needs of every child in specific areas of their development
– The 5 roots of learning and development and how to use these to create consistency of approach, continuous provision and a context for every individual to thrive
– Conversation cues, and catalyst questions- prompts within the FingerTips flexible formula to empower you, your families and your team with the language to reflect, share and express your understanding of a young child’s processes and progress in learning and development

Join Ali for this online, informative and inspiring training
on Tuesday 20th June, between 3.30 and 5.30 p.m.
Note: You need to have attended Part 1 of this training on Tuesday 6th June 2023.

Booking and Fees
This training is commissioned by Achieving for Children and can be booked via their Learning Portal on the following link: Step Away From the Screen! Observation and Assessment without the iPad

About Ali McClure
Ali has a wealth of personal and professional experience of supporting schools, settings and families. Her distinctive style and unforgettable training empower you to bring out the best in every child.

She specialises in Early Years and in Primary with a passion for bringing out the best in every child, including those with additional needs. With a focus on empowering educators to empower children, whether through Supporting Self-Regulation, Limitless Learning or The Early Years’ Exploration Station-Curating Continuous Provision and the Classroom, Ali’s work is current and cutting edge. Her first book ‘Making it Better for Boys’ has changed the chances for many children.

Her Building Brilliant Behaviour Masterclass is reaching a global audience, and her latest book ‘FingerTips- Know it Grow It Show it -The Language of Learning -for Life’ is due to be published in 2023.

Ali’s valued work in teacher training, as a SENCo and supporting schools and settings means she is regularly at the chalk face; she knows the challenges you are facing and how to help you overcome them. With her FingerTips – Raising Reflective Learners work recently recognised by the Centre for International Research in Learning at Eton College, Ali has spoken for Ofsted, Early Years Alliance and I.A.P.S. to name but a few. Her success in raising standards and helping those children who have struggled to break through barriers to learning makes her work realistic and relevant, helping you to balance the demands of the curriculum and the needs of each unique learner whilst still cherishing childhood and emotional wellbeing

In her spare time Ali loves walking her dogs, writing , cooking for friends and family , and singing in pantomime, but not all at once!

Find out more about Ali in our Early Years Directory

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