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#BrewEdEYOnline 2

Zoom Online

Saturday, 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM
June 13, 2020


EY Matters

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#BrewEdEYOnline 2

Zoom Online

Saturday, 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM
June 13, 2020


Following the resounding success of our first #BrewEdEYOnline – join us in our interactive online Zoom session for our second one! 

BrewEdEY Events are open to all who work in the Early Years sector and to those working in other education phases; their focus is on early education but welcomes anyone with an interest in that particular phase of education.
They are also

  • a fantastic opportunity to hear from other people you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to listen to.
  • a chance to debate current hot topics
  • the opportunity to connect with other people with different areas of expertise

Perhaps the most important aspect is that it is about working together, deepening your pedagogy and gaining different perspectives.

How will it work?

  • Keynotes will be spaced an hour apart during the day and each presentation will be followed by a Q & A session
  • There will be ‘comfort’ breaks following each Q & A session until the time of the next Keynote, so you can dip in & out
  • Zoom session will start at 10.30 am and be open until after the Q & A Session following the final speaker

Schedule (subject to change)

  • 10.30: Welcome, introduction and housekeeping followed by Dr Eunice Lumsden ‘I Just Want To Talk About Children’
  • 11.30: Gary Coffey ‘Making Makaton Magic in your Setting
  • 12.30: Aaron Bradbury ‘The Aspiring Practitioner in the Early Years’ 
  • 13.30: Debbie Garvey ‘Leading with Empathy, Support & Encouragement ‘
  • 14.30: Helen Moylett ‘Is This Health Crisis Becoming a Children’s Rights Crisis?’

About our Speakers
Dr Eunice Lumsden
Dr. Eunice Lumsden is the Head of Early Years at The University of Northampton, Route Panel Member for the Institute of Apprenticeships and Technical Education, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and is a registered Social Worker. She has extensive experience working with children and families and her research interests include the professionalisiation of the ECEC workforce, child maltreatment, social justice, poverty and adoption. Her book on child protection was shortlisted as the best professional book of the year in 2018. She has also received awards for her ‘Changemaking’ work and research in the early years. Nationally, she has been a member of several external expert groups advising the Government of Early Years qualifications and led the development of the Early Childhood Graduate Competencies for the Early Childhood Studies Network. She has also advised on workforce development Internationally including the inclusion of Early Childhood on the Sustainable Development Goals.


Gary Coffey
Gary Coffey is currently the Headteacher at Ivy House School in Derby, a special school for children aged between 2-19 years. Gary graduated from Newman University in Birmingham and gained a BA (Hons) in Primary Education. He has over 12 years’ experience working in education across all key stages and years, including both mainstream and special schools. The majority of his teaching career has been within the special education sector and this is an area of work that Gary is passionate about. Gary is keen to ensure that every child has access to the best team of people who can support their development and provide them with opportunities to celebrate their skills and talents. Gary is a Regional Makaton Tutor, and this provides him with the chance to meet children, families and colleagues from across the country and deliver bespoke training to support children’s communication. Gary’s professional interests include coaching and mentoring and in developing staff and colleagues to deliver a fantastic educational offer. He is keen to ensure that there is a culture of self-reflection and review and that this is under-pinned by current research and practitioner enquiry. He is currently using his experience and skills to support the development of provision for children with special educational needs in Abu Dhabi through the People of Determination Division.

Aaron Bradbury
Aaron Bradbury is a Principal Lecturer in Early Childhood at Nottingham Trent University with a specialism in Early Help, Child Development and Child Protection. Aaron has been working in the Early Years / Childhood sector since leaving formal education. He qualified as a Nursery Nurse, completing his Btec National Diploma in Early Years and Education and went on to complete Higher Education and a Teaching Qualification and Postgraduate Certificate in Education. His current roles cover many areas within the Early Childhood Arena including being a member of the Executive Committee of the ECSDN (Early Childhood Studies Degree Network, Joint Chair of the Children, Young People and Families Level 4 & 5 Apprenticeships Standard and is currently supporting the Level 6 Apprenticeship in Early Years and supports the strategy of research and current practice at Pen Green. In addition he has recently become the joint Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the newly form Early Years Academy which allows Early Years professionals to gain professional Recognition through Fellowship Awards. Aaron is an active member of the Early Years community and positions his work within practice, still working closely with the PVI and Maintained sector, providing an online platform for practioners and all Early Years professionals via his app and website, Early Years Reviews by Aaron which includes a blog which is well situated in the workforce, with many researchers and practitioners discussing contemporary topics. Aaron is currently researching about apprenticeship pedagogy in Higher Education and how this may differ depending on the route a learner chooses.


Debbie Garvey
Debbie Garvey is an active author, trainer and speaker on the subject of early years, early childhood and leadership, within the education sector. Debbie’s career spans more than three decades, championing children, families and practitioners in early childhood, across the maintained, private and third sectors. From nursery provision, through to training at FE and HE levels. Debbie’s child-centered approach has been at the heart of her roles locally, regionally and nationally. Debbie’s experience includes roles such as, practitioner, leader, author, trainer, consultant, lecturer, researcher and facilitator, developing, delivering and evaluating a range of projects. She has empowered the use and development of reflective practice in order to support quality experiences for children, families and staff, through supportive interventions such as, training, team building, conferences, forums, parent/family support, new provision and CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) programme’s. Debbie has particular interests in neuroscience, PSED, leadership, coaching/mentoring and reflective practice, and the roles these play in developing quality experiences for children, families and staff. In January 2007, Debbie set up Stonegate Training; the aim is to advocate quality experiences and provision for children, young people and families, alongside quality training experiences for the dedicated practitioners who work with them. Amongst other things, Debbie is accredited as a C4EO Early Years Sector Specialist and a qualified mentor.

Helen Moylett
Helen Moylett is an independent early years consultant and writer. She earned a law degree before realising that she wasn’t cut out for an office. So she switched to teaching in 1978, and found both an endless source of fascination in watching and supporting young children’s learning and development, as well as a deep commitment to doing what she could to help every child develop, safely embedded in positive relationships and enabling environments. Helen has been a primary, nursery and home school liaison teacher, and a local authority senior advisory teacher on early literacy. She joined Manchester Metropolitan University in 1988 as a senior lecturer in primary and early years education. She was on the national steering group and a national trainer for Birth to Three Matters. In 2000 she left academia to become head of an early years centre. In 2004 she joined the National Strategies and was centrally involved in developing the Early Years Foundation Stage as well as many materials associated with the EYFS. She was the national lead for the Every Child a Talker programme, and an expert adviser to the Tickell review team. Helen also serves as a vice-president of Early Education and tutors on the MA and PGCE courses at the Centre for Research in Early Childhood in Birmingham and is a Visiting Fellow of Oxford Brookes University. She co-authored ‘Development Matters’ with Nancy Stewart and has written and edited several early years books – most recently Characteristics of Effective Early Learning: helping young children become learners for life (OU Press) and Active Learning (Practical Pre-School)

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