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A Journey into Leadership – Day 4: Mindful Communication through Conflict

St George's Church, Vancouver Road, London, SE23 2AG

Friday, 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM
February 8, 2019


Tracy Seed

[email protected]

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A Journey into Leadership – Day 4: Mindful Communication through Conflict

St George's Church, Vancouver Road, London, SE23 2AG

Friday, 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM
February 8, 2019


A Journey into Leadership

This 4-day emotionally intelligent course inspires collaboration through a culture of empathy.

We work together to walk our talk; to strengthen our presence and honest communication with customers and colleagues.

You will gain insight and skills for conflict resolution, coaching mentoring and giving feedback.

A Journey into Leadership is a transformational, mindful leadership programme.

For over the past 25 years Tracy has worked with thousands of people in leadership, helping them develop the mindsets, skills and competencies to step forward in their roles with authenticity, curiosity and confidence. Tracy can help you do this too.

Who is this training for?

Anyone wanting to embrace authentic leadership and mindful communication- NVC skills in their role at work.

What will you get!

Over 4 days of attendance you will:

  • Clarify your vision, mission and values
  • Increase your awareness of the impact of leadership styles
  • Be mindful and proactive.
  • Uncover the talent and dynamics of your team.
  • Develop confidence and management skills in empathic coaching, mentoring and in conflict resolution.
  • Learn the key foundations of NVC

You can choose to attend the whole programme, or attend the days that cover the topics you are most interested in.

Programme of Training: 

  • Friday 18th January 2019 – Mindful Leadership
  • Friday 25th January 2019 – Teamwork
  • Friday 1st February 2019 – Empathy, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Friday 8th February 2019 – Mindful Communication through Conflict

Achieve an international qualification
It’s also possible to achieve an accredited qualification in leadership and management by attending this programme too.

All you need to do is come to all of the sessions and continue your training with Tracy online.

There are two assignments to complete at an ILM level 3 or ILM level 5 Award.

Day 4: Mindful Communication through Conflict

On this one day workshop, we identify why conflicts arise at work and learn ways to resolve these. You will be introduced to the conflict resolution model, created by international peacemaker Dr Marshall Rosenberg, known as NVC.

Conflict at work takes many forms. It may be that two people simply don’t get on, or that an individual has a grievance against their manager.

When you understand the stages and effects of conflict on individuals’ and teams, you will be able to put measures in place to prevent and to minimise the negative effect of conflict. You will also able to see more clearly when conflict is a creative opportunity for development and change.

Who is this training for?

It is for people in supervisory, leadership and management roles at work.

It is for; teachers, social workers, educators, therapists and coaches – in fact, anyone who would like to learn more about conflict and how to communicate with others more effectively through conflict situations that arise in the workplace.

What will you do?

During this one day workshop, we will explore the causes of conflict and how you currently manage situations that arise at work with others, among others and within ourselves.

You will learn approaches to conflict resolution that are based on the work of Dr Marshall Rosenberg the founder of the centre for nonviolent communication. Nonviolent communication gives us the skills and a model for understanding and transforming the struggles within ourselves and conflicts with others and between others.

This workshop will immerse you in learning experiences and teachings that will transform your relationships at work and at home.

What will you get?

  • You will leave with a basic understanding of how conflicts emerge and escalate and be aware of approaches that can be used to mediate and resolve conflicts.
  • You will get the opportunity to practice, applying the verbal and nonverbal communication skills that you develop.
Fees and Booking
  • Day 1 – Mindful Leadership: £97.00
  • Day 2 – Teamwork: £97.00
  • Day 3 – Empathy, Coaching and Mentoring: £97.00
  • Day 4 – Mindful Communication through Conflict: £97.00
  • Attendance of all 4 days: £375.00
  • Attendance of all 4 days plus ILM Award Level 3: £575.00
  • Attendance of all 4 days plus ILM Award Level 5L £775.00

For more information and to book, please visit Tracy’s dedicated webpage

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