Dr Sue Allingham launches “Dr Sue’s Surgery”

Dr Sue Allingham has launched a periodical session called “Dr Sue’s Surgery” where she will be tackling various subjects to support the Early Years Sector 

Scheduled for early evenings, Sue will provide a short presentation and then open up the online meeting to questions and debate; she is encouraging participants to send questions to her prior to the sessions so that she can work these into her presentations.

The presentations themselves will be filmed and made available via her website in her Online Shop, but the Q & A part of the workshops will not be recorded, instead, people viewing the recordings will be invited to email their questions or book a 1-2-1 with Sue to discuss.

The first two sessions will be on next week:

Further subjects Sue will be covering include: 

  • Effective Assessment (September 2023)
  • How are you getting on? (October 2023)
  • Effective Provision (November 2023)

Further titles to follow…

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