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Sunita Shah qualified in 1999 from Leeds Metropolitan University; with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Clinical Language Sciences, (Speech and Language Therapy).

Sunita has over 20 years experience working with children in the National Health Service (NHS). Together Let’s Communicate has been established for over 15 years successfully supporting children in North West London, and in 2019 relocated to Cheshire. Sunita worked as a service lead with the well known practice Magic Words. Sunita has developed a range of specialist clinical skills working with a wide range of ages and types of communication difficulties. Sunita received and delivered training to Great Ormond Street, The Michael Palin Centre and Nuffield Speech Institute. Sunita’s clinical skills and knowledge are at a highly specialised level.

Sunita has also been involved in working with children in nurseries and schools. Sunita has successfully delivered training and developed a collaborative relationship with education establishments to support children with communication difficulties; helping staff to identify and support speech and language difficulties.

Sunita has developed a specialist interest in Bilingualism. Sunita was Chair of the Clinical Excellence network in Bilingualism (Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy) for 10 years, and has supported her professional body as an advisor for the United Kingdom. Sunita has gained a wide range of knowledge and experience of working with clients from diverse communities, with a range of language, cultural and religious backgrounds. Sunita is multi-lingual: Gujarati is her primary language. Semi fluent in Hindi and Urdu, and comprehends basic Punjabi. Sunita has provided training to NHS departments in UK and Northern Ireland in bilingual matters and working with children and families from diverse communities. Sunita was a Honorary lecturer at Essex University, and University of Central London.

Sunita has worked with and supported organisations such as Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP), ICAN, Sure Start, The Communications Trust and The Baby Centre.

Sunita has a vast array of training and therapy packages to support communication development which can be personalised to meet your needs.

Sunita is also a successful children’s author and published over 18 books which have been sold internationally. The series is known as “The Jai Jais”.

Business Information

Together Let’s Communicate is an independent Speech and Language Therapy Practice now based in Cheshire, with over 20 years of experience.

TLC specialises in assessment, and intervention for children with speech, language and social communication difficulties.  Supporting children and families with the magical gift of communication.

Services Offered
TLC work with variety of children with an age range of 18 months-16 years. TLC currently have over 20 years experience working with children with the following difficulties:

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  •  Behavioural difficulties
  • Cleft Lip and Palate
  •  Hearing Impairment
  • Language Difficulties delay/disorder
  • Speech sound difficulties delay/disorder
  • Stammering
  • Voice Social interaction difficulties
  •  Word finding difficulties

The initial assessment can vary between 1-3 hours depending on the complexity and type of difficulty evident. This will include a case history which outlines the child’s global development, and current concerns. Informal/formal assessment, observation, and discussion with school staff and parents/carers will be carrierd out depending on the age and type of difficulties presented in the child.

It is important to note that standardised assessment can be used on bilingual children, but age norms will not be quoted. The findings will be qualitative. The age norms of the majority assessments have been standardised on a monolingual English speaking population, and therefore maybe invalid.

Assessments will include profiles in the following areas:

  •  Attention and Listening Skills
  •  Social Skills
  •  Play
  • Speech sound production and intelligibility, oral examination, phonological awareness
  • Understanding of language and use of Language
  •  Verbal reasoning skills
  •  Voice production, and intonation
  •  Quantitative/qualitative data of levels of stammering

Therapy sessions can range between 30 minutes-1 hour, this will also depend on your child’s level of attention and listening. The packages of care offered are individually tailored to support your child’s needs. It is important to note that simple and practical homework activities will be given for you to carry out at home – this will make a difference, this forms a vital part of working collaboratively with the Speech and Language Therapist, in order to best meet your child’s needs. Advice and programs of work can be developed for use and support in nursery and school. We also are able to meet and liaise with education staff and deliver programmes of work, and advice to staff working with your child.

Using the latest technology we offer video-based assessment within 24 hours. We will support you to understand and identify your child’s speech and language difficulties. TLC personalises support and advice to develop communication skills in your own home. There are no waiting lists and no need for travel. Book a free ten minute consultation today. TLC aim to support and reassure you to develop your child’s communication.

TLC work in nurseries and schools supporting children and staff in educational settings. TLC also deliver assessment and intervention in nurseries and schools, which are personalised for each child. TLC has created specialised training packages to support staff working with children and families with communication difficulties.

Sunita`s products can be viewed and purchased on her website.




"It has been great working with Sunita. The specific child that she was working with made progress very quickly and as we continue to use her strategies he continues to develop rapidly. Sunita's support has been priceless, her skills with the children that she works with directly have inspired the team to really make a difference. Sunita's staff training is fantastic, she engaged the staff and helped them to truly understand her strategies, in turn making a difference to specific children but also to staff practices with all children in the setting Dedicated, committed, passionate and an amazing Speech and Language therapist. An inspiration to us all".

Bright Little Stars Ruby Stanmore Nursery Manager

“I got in contact with Sunita to help support me with children who have speech delays at my nursery. She has been nothing but fantastic! She supported, not only me, but my staff team on how to further our children’s development through numerous activities and strategy plans. Sunita really cared for the children and wanted to see them reach their full potential. She was consistent, approachable and attentive and our children came on leaps and bounds all thanks to her constant support".

Bright Little Stars Hemma Harrow Inclusion Lead

"My little one was diagnosed with glue ear which had a massive impact on his speech. This happened around the time when he was starting to speak, and one can only imagine how worried we were. I cannot stress how amazing Sunita was and how comfortable she made me and my son feel when she worked with us. My son asked to visit her daily! I could see gradual improvement after each session. Sunita really knows her stuff and making my child feel comfortable she worked to improve his speech. Within a short period of time, he was a confident speaking boy and his speech is extremely clear. I cannot thank Sunita enough for what she has done for my son and I would not recommend anyone else she is THE BEST! She is amazing at dealing with children in their early years which is crucial".

Mother od Dylan


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