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Funky Feet Music Ltd

Swadlincote, England - East Midlands


I have had the pleasure of running my own business and being hands with my team for 16 years running music and movement classes for young children at schools and settings in the midlands as well as at my own establishment.

I have produced my own music and written award-winning resources to use in my settings and offer to others. I spend my days delivering sessions with the children and evenings and weekends delivering training on why movement matters using music. I have delivered internationally as a music and movement specialist in a variety of early years, schools and community settings. I am passionate that children are inspired to develop their creativity, grow in confidence and learn whilst engaging both body and brain in fun, age appropriate, multi-sensory activities and feel it is our job as educators to share the knowledge of why movement matters and to provide more opportunities for children to move.

Business Information

I deliver training courses internationally to those involved in educating young children in Why Movement Matters.

My workshops use music, games, dough dancing, parachute play and lycra. We examine the links between physical and cognitive development and preparing children for formal learning.
I have presented at many early years conferences and exhibitions across the country as a workshop leader and delivered courses for a range of authorities and organisations working with both early years educators and parents.

Services Provided

  • Why movement matters – the links between physical and cognitive development
  • Moving towards literacy
  • Why music and movement matters in language and communication
  • Move maths forward with Music and Movement
  • Making the most of your resources using music


Kim is passionate and extremely knowledgeable, helping practitioners understand the IMPORTANCE of why and how our brains develop and is key to whole child development. The music and movement is merely just a starting point and with so much variety offers so many other cross curricular learning outcomes that can be achieved for all. Model lessons were taught with a group of children as part of the training and the children's excitement and smiles said all that you needed to know, the children were ENJOYING themselves and LEARNING whilst having FUN. As practitioners it was great to see a lesson in action and how Kim differentiated the lesson providing stretch and challenge to each individual child. Children were enthusiastic as they explored the content of the music and were creative as they moved.

Sarah Landsdown, Director of Leicester City Sports Partnership

'Kim delivered an excellent workshop focusing on Early music and movement to my team. She is naturally passionate about what she teaches, and this came across throughout the training. The content of the course was clear, informative but most importantly fun. There were lots of opportunities for staff to be active and learn through music, games and activities but also consolidate both new and existing skills from the theory aspect of the course. Since the training staff have been transferring knowledge and skills into their own practice and have adapted new ideas for early music and movement with our pupils'.

Mrs Gilbert-Silver, Early Years Manager, Priory School, Edgebaston,

Kim has delivered several workshops for School Improvement Liverpool, focusing on Physical Development. Within workshops Kim has enabled practitioners to develop a greater understanding of the importance of Early Years Physical Development and the impact on both physical and cognitive skills. The content of training delivered was clear and sessions were interactive for delegates demonstrating theory into daily EYFS practice. Kim when delivering training is very passionate and knowledgeable in relation to the content. Feedback from completed evaluations completed by delegates following on from attending training delivered by Kim state: “Kim was very interesting and gave a lot of new ideas, helping us to understand what physical development is”. “Learning in more depth about young children and new ways of including physical activities in the curriculum at nursery”. “Very informative and loved the practical side of it”.

Natalie Nichols – Liverpool Schools improvement service


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