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Once upon a time there was a teacher Kate.

She worked in London in many early years management and advisory roles. From Locality Lead for Play in Children’s Centres, Early Years Coordinator in Primary School to Deputy Head in a Nursery School.
In the areas where she worked, Kate noticed lots of children entered school low in language, confidence, creativity and social skills.
Kate searched for a problem to this solution. She created Tales Toolkit, a super powerful learning gizmo! Developed over time, in schools, winning many awards and linking with Goldmiths University to prove maximum impact. And with little planning for teachers so everyone did live happily ever after!


  • Winner Teach First Award 2015/16, Teach First Community Choice Award
  • Winner of UnLtd Do it and Grow it awards
  • Judge for National Creative Learning Awards
  • Webinar host

Business Information

Story is a super powerful learning gizmo.

Award winning Tales Toolkit provides interactive, child led resources aimed at early years, all using easy to remember symbols representing story structure.
Tales Toolkit’s innovative resources give children independence to create and write stories around interests using anything to hand! Resources are provided with online training and support impacting many areas of learning.
Goldsmiths University of London proved Tales Toolkit impacts language, literacy, creativity, social skills, problem solving and closed the gender gap in Literacy, all with little or no planning involved for the teacher!
Winners of two gold Nursery World Awards, Teach First Innovation Award, two UnLtd Awards, Teach Early Years Award.


All staff, new and experienced, have embraced Tales Toolkit with real enthusiasm and we are reaping the benefits from our equally enthusiastic children. Our children are talking more, confidently telling creative stories supported by the Tales Toolkit format as well as engaging in mark making earlier than we usually see it. Parents have delighted in their children talking about characters, settings, problems and solutions. A real strength is the quality of the training materials which bring together a wealth of sound practice in an accessible and supportive format which you can watch again and again and we have! Yes, definitely one of the best resources we have bought this year- an educational bargain! (you can drop this kind of corny ending if you like)

Headteacher at Harry Roberts Nursery School

Tales Toolkit offers a framework for supporting children’s first steps in making up stories We recommend Tales Toolkit to other schools in our teaching school alliance. We think it’s a really powerful approach to boosting the communication and imaginative play and we’re very comfortable with how it fits in with our overall early years ethos.

Dr Julian Grenier, Headteacher of Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre, Research school, Founder of teaching alliance, National leader of education


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