DFE Updates on Covid Guidance following England’s move to Plan B and Ofsted suspends routine inspections

The DFE has updated the COVID guidance, on the 9th of December 2021, for Early Years settings, following England’s move to Plan B. Little has changed in the advice since it’s last update on the 29th of November 2021.

The main updates to previous guidance are

  •  The advice for staff who do not engage is face to face provision of care and education (for example office staff) should work from home from the 13th of December.
  • Face masks are recommended for Staff, adult visitors and children over the age of 11 “when moving around the premises, outside of areas where adults are working with children, such as in corridors and communal areas.”

Page 11 of the guidance includes the following  reminder that all settings MUST comply with health and Safety law.

“You must comply with health and safety law and put in place proportionate control measures. You must regularly review and update your risk assessments – treating them as ‘living documents’, as the circumstances in your setting and the public health advice changes. This includes having active arrangements in place to monitor whether the controls are effective and working as planned.”

There has been no change to the rules regarding shielding, vaccination or covid pass requirements in early years unless the setting is holding an event that would exceed the venue mask requirements set out by the government in plan B.

To read the full document please see Website Link.


Meanwhile OFSTED has today confirmed via its official twitter account @ofstednews that the suspension of inspections next week except for cases of cases of safeguarding concern extends to PVI early years settings.



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