Early Childhood Theorists – Bronfenbrenner

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This is the first in a series of six presentations by Aaron Bradbury and Debbie Garvey discussing a range of Early Childhood Theorists, looking at their background, what we can learn from them and how to apply their theories to practice and in life. 

In this first presentation we meet Urie Bronfenbrenner, learn about his Ecological Systems Theory of Child Development, how it has shaped provision, how it looks in practice and then Aaron and Debbie discuss the strengths and weaknesses of his theories.

Included in this session: 

  • Aaron and Debbie's recorded presentation
  • PDF copy of the slides with room to write notes
  • Film clip: Brain Hero
  • Film clip 'Brain's Journey to Resilience'
  • A list of additional resources including links and further reading; we have created a downloadable PDF of this information for your ease of reference

CPD Certificate
On completion of the modules in this session and the submission of your reflection you will be awarded a certificate which you can download and save/print to evidence your participation as part of your Continuous Professional Development.

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