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This is the fifth in the series of six presentations by Aaron Bradbury and Debbie Garvey discussing a range of Early Childhood Theorists, looking at their background, what we can learn from them and how to apply their theories to practice and in life. 

John Bowlby, the first Attachment Theorist, is the subject of the fifth of the EY Matters Early Childhood Theorists series. Join Aaron and Debbie as they introduce us to Bowlby, his theory, work and look at the attachment between child and adult care giver.

Included in this session: 

  • Aaron and Debbie's recorded presentation
  • Full version of the film 'A Two-Year-Old Goes to Hospital' plus Bowlby & Robertson's paper on this and a further paper by Can der Horst, F.C.P. and Van der Veer, R. (2009)
  • A module dedicated to Dr Suzanne Zeedyk including her COVID webinar (March 2020) details of her work, links to her website, downloads and articles, plus a link to 'Connected Baby'
  • A module dedicated to Dr Jools Page and her research 'Professional Love in Early Years Settings (PLEYS)' with links, downloads and film clips
  • Additional Resources including links and further reading, also provided as a downloadable PDF for your ease of reference

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