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Launching our Early Years 'Coronavirus' Buddy Scheme
We all need someone to talk to! In a reaction to the comments and feedback we have been receiving, we have launched a 'Buddy' scheme for Early Years.
As of 21st March, this scheme has been extended to include parents, NHS workers and members of the emergency services. 

How this will work
Register with us on the form below ensuring you consent to us sharing your details within the group and your preference of contact methods and we will circulate the details so you can make your connections.

We will also set up a 'Closed' Facebook Group for the members as one form of interacting.

Disclaimer: This scheme is in place for the sole purpose of connecting individuals who feel they need extra support of having someone to talk to and be someone to listen to during this extraordinary period. EY Matters is not recommending or endorsing any person enrolling on the scheme and is not accountable for any relationships formed. 

Early Years Buddy

Form to capture the details for those registering for the Early Years Coronavirus Buddy Scheme

  • Please enter your Facebook account name in here (please no pages) if you would prefer to develop your relationship via Facebook messaging
  • Please enter your Twitter handle here if you consent to being connected on Twitter with other members of the group
  • We have opened the scheme up following requests from colleagues on Social Media, please can you select from the list below, which best describes you (you can select more than one if I appropriate)
    Please note, we will only provide the contact details you provide and select here as your preferred contact details to the group.
  • Message from Chief Inspector Jack Rowlands: During these unprecedented times I am looking to connect my colleagues up to decent folk outside of the job. If you are interested in offering a listening ear to hard working police officers please select 'Yes' below
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