Changes to the Early Inspection Handbook 2024

Changes to the Early Inspection Handbook 2024

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This week OFSTED have issued an update to the Early Inspection Handbook detailing changes to the way the organisation works.

Additional clarity has been given to the way that inspectors will conduct themselves during inspections and in the pre-inspection call, where deferrals and pressures on settings can be discussed.

Some new sections have also been added about when it may be appropriate to pause inspections (paragraph 71), how inspectors will consider well-being of staff (paragraph 75) and how inspectors will act if feedback on the inspection is likely to be challenging (paragraph 140).

Ofsted have clarified that: “While we have made some changes, our inspection methodology remains the same and we will continue to inspect in line with the principles and requirements of the EYFS.”

A summary of all the changes is available here.

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