Ceeda Press Release: Launch of Early Years COVID-19 Data Portal

Ceeda announced today the launch of two two vital research campaigns during the coronavirus pandemic: a COVID-19 Data Portal for EY providers and an Early Years Workforce panel for EY staff.

Together these campaigns will increase understanding of:

  1. What is happening on the ground right now
  2. The contribution the sector is making
  3. What is needed to support providers and staff during the crisis
  4. What it will take to rebuild the sector in the future

The COVID-19 Data Portal for EY Providers
The portal will continuously track temporary and permanent setting closures and child headcounts for settings still operating. Data entry is super simple and fast. Statistics will be shared weekly, keeping everyone in the loop from providers, to parents and politicians. Further insight will be captured with bite-sized targeted surveys to registered portal users. This will provide a rich and timely picture whilst keeping the burden on providers to an absolute minimum.

LAUNCH DATE: Thursday 16th April 2020
All Ofsted registered childminders, nurseries and pre-schools please register on the COVID-19 Data Portal and keep your status and headcounts updated.

Click on the button below to register:



Early Years Workforce Panel: share your early years story
The impact of the pandemic is being felt by all, and not least by early years staff, putting themselves at risk every day to care for vulnerable children and the children of key workers. Yet more staff are furloughed or facing redundancy, as settings struggle to stay afloat. That is Ceeda are launching the early years workforce panel – to monitor staff well-being, share their experience, capture support needs and track job security during the crisis and into recovery.

Ceeda will be sharing regular updates to help in the ongoing response to the crisis, as well as looking towards long term impact, feeding into the work of the Early Years Workforce Commission.

LAUNCH DATE: Monday 20th April 2020
If you are, or have been, employed in an early years setting at any time this year please join the Early Years Workforce Panel and share your experience of the coronavirus pandemic. Ceeda will send you a survey every few weeks. Join even if you no longer work in early years – Ceeda need to hear your story.

Click on the button below to register:



NB: The workforce panel is targeting employed staff and childminders who are employed.
The views of self-employed childminders will be captured under the COVID-19 Data Portal research strand.

This vital work has been developed thanks to the unwavering commitment of their project funders in these challenging times:

It is also being delivered with the generous support of the wider early years community:

Ceeda is widely recognised within the sector, wider media and by regulatory and governmental bodies as a leading source of authoritative and independent intelligence on the early years sector, with a track record spanning 21 years.

Our ground-breaking About Early Years (About EY) research programme has tracked key sector trends for the last three years. All resources are now being diverted to track the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the sector, and the vital role it is playing in the battle to save lives.

For media enquiries please contact:
Managing Director: Jo Verrill – jov@ceeda.co.uk
T: 0345 6800631

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