#BrewEdEYBham: 14th March Meeting Postponed due to Coronavirus Risk

Aaron Bradbury, co-organiser of #BrewEdEYBham sent out the following message to all those individuals who had booked to attend the up and coming meeting on Saturday 14th March.

Good Evening Everyone,

I’m afraid that due to the setting we are using children 0-5 and the need to try and keep the premises as clean as possible. We have taken the decision to postpone the BrewEdEYBham until May. I am sure that many people may have booked tickets etc but I am hoping that giving you enough time you may be able to get some kind of refund or move to another date.

The discussion has been happening all day, and due to the school not being cleaned for the children on the Monday morning the governors and ourselves have decided to postpone the event. You may feel that we are being over cautious, if we had the time to move to another venue we would.

We will of course offer a refund to anyone who doesn’t want to come to the May event which you will all be able to attend and transferred to. We do hope that you will all support us with this difficult decision. The school was opening for free and they don’t have the cash to pay the cleaners to come in on the Saturday. Sorry once again and please accept our sincere apologies. We do hope that you understand.

Aaron and Val.

Please do contact me if you would like to speak further about the message above

The date and details for the re-organised May meeting has not yet been released, so it is not yet clear if it will have the same agenda and speakers; for the latest news about this and all other #BrewEdEY meetings, keep in touch with our dedicated #BrewEdEY page

Details of the cancelled meeting: erie

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