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We endeavour to keep a full list of the fast growing network of #BrewEdEY events, which is an expansion of the BrewEd, the 'pints and pedagogy' grassroots organisation introduced for educators to come together, enjoy each other's company and have some robust, open and challenging debate around thought-provoking ideas and issues.

The events are organised by volunteers and are completely free from corporate sponsorship. They are inclusive events and, as such, ticket prices should be kept as low as possible

BrewEdEY Events are open to all who work in the Early Years sector and to those working in other education phases; their focus is on early education but welcomes anyone with an interest in that particular phase of education. 

They are also

  • a fantastic opportunity to hear from other people you wouldn't normally have the opportunity to listen to.
  • a chance to debate current hot topics
  • the opportunity to connect with other people with different areas of expertise

Perhaps the most important aspect is that it is about working together, deepening your pedagogy and gaining different perspectives.

BrewEdEY has a number of values we adhere to:

  • No sponsorship
  • No product placement
  • Nobody makes a profit
  • No goody bags - all you take away is CPD!

A new, exciting and oh so refreshing opportunity to continue your professional development
#BrewEdEY's take place across the country and are nearly always held in a pub, (hence the 'brew'!). Tickets are sold via Eventbrite, and the cost is kept to a minimum (£6 - £12) ensuring access for all.
Tickets are priced to cover the cost of the venue and refreshments. Maximum of around 30 - 40 people attend. Events are organised by volunteers and sell out rapidly.

Past #BrewEdEY Events

BrewEdEYOnline 3 - July 2020
_#BrewEdEYOnline 2 - June 2020
#BrewEdEYOnline 1 - May 2020
#BrewEdEY Blackpool 1
#BrewEdEY Sussex 2
#BrewEdEY South London 1
#BrewEdEY Twickenham 3
#BrewEdEY Sussex 1
#BrewEdEY Twickenham 2
#BrewEdEY Twickenham 1
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