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Welcome to #BrewEdEYOnline

Due to the COVID-19 Lockdown I decided to launch an online version of #BrewEdEY for the sector and to deliver this via Zoom software to make it interactive and accessible to all who wished to attend; I was delighted when close friend and colleague, Aaron Bradbury, volunteered to support me in this venture. 

All of the places were taken within two hours of launching them on Eventbrite so we released more and again they were gone in less than an hour. We then took the decision to record the presentations along with the Q & A sessions so that they could be shared more widely after the event.

The event was a resounding success and so Aaron and I have decided that we will host more for as long as we can engage speakers and we believe that this will also bring #BrewEdEY to those people who do not have access to them within their area or cannot travel. We have also seen participants registering from Australia, China, UAE, USA and Europe so we believe that these events are truly global.

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We are taking a break in August but will be back in September with a new line up of exciting, inspirational speakers! 


10.30 Welcome, introduction and housekeeping followed by
Keynote 1 
11.30 Keynote 2
12.30 Keynote 3
13.30 Keynote 4
14.30 Keynote 5



The event is free to attend

We would love to make this available freely to all but sadly to preserve the quality of the Event, we have had to restrict the numbers and so have opted to use Eventbrite as our booking agent, link is below. On booking your space via Eventbrite you will receive a confirmation email which contains the link to register for the Zoom session; we have added this extra layer of security in order to have some control over those attending following the latest reports of 'Zoom Bombing'. Once you have registered you will receive a personal link via email that you will need to use to join the sessions

We will ask you to turn off video and mute yourself throughout the presentations to ensure that there is no interruption of anyone's enjoyment

Questions can be asked via the chat function on Zoom and these will be collated by Aaron Bradbury who will ask you if you would like to turn your video and sound on to ask your question and interact personally with the presenter.

We will collate all questions for the presentations and pass them on to the speaker, requesting that they provide the answers if they have not managed to get round to them during their session and this will then be shared with the video clips online and time permitting, we will send you the personal response.

You are welcome to turn on your video and unmute yourself in the gaps between the presentations should you wish to connect with others, and you will also be able to use the private chat facility to send messages, thoughts and comments to colleagues during the day. 

Previous #BrewEdEYOnline Events

We have held two previous #BrewEdEYOnline Event and if you were not able to attend, you can still watch the presentations along with the Q & A Sessions; Click on the images below to access. 

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