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Why EY Matters?

My love affair with the Early Years sector began back in 2011 when I started working with Laura Henry, and through my work with her I started to connect with other Early Years Professionals.

During 2013, I supported Laura with her vision of creating an organisation for the Trainers and Consultants of the sector, by organising the first meetings, the first survey and collating the results. Out of this vision NEyTCO was born.

Launched in 2014 at the House of Commons, NEYTCO - National Early Years Trainers and Consultants - brought together experts in the sector to offer mutual support for trainers and consultants and a one-stop-shop for early years settings, local authorities, schools and others.

In 2017, at the invitation of  the CEO, Catriona Nason, I started working closely with NEyTCO, looking at the member experience, finding ways to improve the membership offering and also promoting the members and the organisation, but sadly in the current climate, NEyTCO was unable to survive and closed in October 2018.

After receiving the devastating news that NEyTCO was unable to continue trading, I thought long and hard about what this would mean for the sector and then came up with the idea that the new Twitter Chat (#EYMatters) I had introduced a few weeks earlier in September could perhaps be utilised in some way to support Early Years Professionals to continue connecting, communicating and collaborating.

With this in mind, I formed a new company EY Matters Ltd with the sole purpose of providing the platform to support the sense of community that has been building over the past few months between the NEyTCO Members and other individuals, companies and areas within the sector.

I should stress, this is a separate venture from my main business, Virtual Support UK Ltd, where I still provide support and administration services to the sector on a Pay-per-Minute basis!

Where this journey will lead and what form EY Matters will take remains to be seen, but my aim is to grow the networking, connecting and where possible collaboration, to provide ‘the go to’ place to find reliable, quality services, training and events, to help the sector to work together to support each other and a place where all Early Years Professionals can connect.

Connect with us, Communicate with us

Sign up for our regular newsletters, join us on Social Media and start your networking and help us grow this community. 

If you would like to be part of the new directory, please email: hello@eymatters.co.uk - there is no charge for this and we will also create you and your business profile, link to your Events and any of your products. 

NEyTCO Members will be given a priority for their entries in to all of the above. 


I’ve waited a LONG time to find a like minded person, like Juliette, who has really taken the time to go the extra mile & drill down to understand my business, my vision & my goals for making a difference in the world.

She has worked tirelessly to support me & she has enormous creative energy that I find inspiring, as we bounce ideas around together. She works with enormous enthusiasm, using her initiative & extensive expertise to lift the burden of tasks that allow me to create, write & stay focused on my areas of expertise & passion. I really enjoy collaborating, creating & working with her & I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is wonderful at connecting others & believes passionately in the Early Years. Give her a call!

Sue Atkins

ITV ‘This Morning’ Parenting Expert, Author, Broadcaster and Speaker
Alison Featherbe

It has been a real pleasure working with Juls.

Juls has gained a professional insight into the sector and continues to raise the profile of Early Years through connecting and supporting Early Years Trainers and Consultants. Her support to me personally has been invaluable, she has knowledge and understanding in a wide range of skills that ensures we work smarter not harder!

Alison Featherbe

Early Years Consultant and Trainer
Kate Moxley

I have had the absolute pleasure of working alongside Juls on a number of occasions both in person and through online work.

Juls is a genuine, kind and hardworking person - always willing to go above and beyond to make things happen and get things done.

She is dedicated and committed to going that extra mile to drive things forward and is proactive in her approach, with contributions, ideas, and her ability to problem solve and provide solutions.

Kate Moxley

Early Years, Wellbeing and Mental Health Consultant
Sue - Template

Meeting Juls and starting to work with her has been an inspiration for me. From our first meeting it was clear that we got along. I find that the way she sees thing is refreshing – she can see what needs to be done, and sets to it. She’s very professional and has a vision of how to get things done.

Juls puts ideas into action. Her work on my publicity has been brilliant, watching her translate my thinking into a website is fascinating. Her belief in, and promotion of, me has gained me new clients and recommendations, and given me a new professional circle to interact with.

I am really looking forward to what our joint future holds.
Thank you Juls.

Dr Sue Allingham

Author, Early Years Consultant and Trainer

Juliette was Operations and Membership Director for NEyTCO Community Interest Company from June 2017 to October 2018 and it is in this role that I have the pleasure of knowing Juliette.

Her dedication, work ethic, communication skills, code of personal and professional conduct, and her immense abilities, earned my greatest respect and admiration.

Juliette is a great networker and connector of professionals in the Early Childhood Education & Care (ECEC) Sector. She thrives on collaboration and the sharing of ideas She is focussed, professional, capable, and she has a huge heart for children and families as well as all those working in Early Years. Her nature and personality are very compassionate.

Juliette uses her considerable talents to support Early Years Professionals. She is a great supporter of new ideas and campaigns to improve the life chances of children and to raise the quality of the ECEC sector. Determined, focused, knowledgeable and versatile. Always ready for any challenge.

It was a pleasure working with Juliette and I am proud of what she has created with EY Matters

Catriona Nason

Former CEO of NEyTCO, Early Years Consultant and Expert
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